Cultural Democracy

Infr'Action continue to innovate through the implementation of its conception of how to develop cultural democracy in todays society. But also through a conscious discussion on its importance in contemporary society.

Alastair MacLennan. Immiscent. Infr'Action 2005.
© Stein Henningsen & Infr'Action.

The festivals vision of being both avant-garde and popular is simply carried out by bringing this avant-garde field of contemporary art to the public at large. 

To promote the democratization of art by presenting performance art in the public space, is one of the fundamental principles of the event. Infr'Action gives immediate access to the most avant-garde contemporary art form to everybody and completely free of charge.

We believe it is important to give access to children and youth to the liberating and inclusive aspects of contemporary art in general and performance art in particular. To make it possible for everyone to take part in the pluralism and freedom that exist in this artistic field, to experience it as an audience as well as being part in the event itself.

Joakim Stampe. Hommage à Georges Brassens. Infr'Action 2006.
© Stein Henningsen & Infr'Action.




Cultural Democracy