Infr'Action is a festival which after nine years of existence continues to develop. It is also an organisation that works actively to stimulate the circulation and promotion of performance art in Europe.

We have initiated collaborations and  exchanges with several other festivals with the firm objective to establish cooperations. To be able to promote new artists on the international scene.

Maria Cosmes. Pendant que nous tissions. Infr'Action 2006.            © Stein Henningsen & Infr'Action.

Moreover, Infr'Action works for the creation of a network of European organisers of performance art. A grouping on which its members can rely, for support in logistics, information, communication, exchanges as well as fundraising or common projects. Besides the organisation of the festival, Infr'Action, is also committed to an external activity outside of its area of operations.

Collaborations with different organisations and events outside of France has been undertaken during the last two years. 

For example, at the Stockholm Art Fair in February 2007 with the special exhibition and performance event Performance Now & After, organised in close partnership with

Gwendoline Robin. Infr'Action 2006. © Stein Henningsen & Infr'Action.

Open Space Gallery, the Swedish performance festival Live Action, Niklas Belenius Gallery, the Finnish institute and the Polish institute in the Swedish capital, presented 23 artists from 7 countries. An event that will be renewed in 2008

The festival organized an event in July 2006 entitled "5 Chinois, émoi émoi..." in collaboration with the Open Space Gallery specialized in performance art, and the Paris based association Interférences Collectives. Presenting the works of five Chinese artist, i.e. Li Wei (Beijing), He Yun Chang (Beijing), Alice Kok (Macao), Kuo I-Chen (Taipei) and Pak Sheung Cheun (Hong-Kong).

In 2009 Infr'Actions curator, Jonas Stampe, was selected as one of eight curators of the 10th Open International Performance Art Festival in Beijing, for which he selected several French artists. He was also curating a delegation of French artists taking part in the international biennial of performance art LIVE which took place in Vancouver in October 2009.

As a founder and curator of the Chinese performance art festival Guangzhou Live, Jonas Stampe have since 2010 showcased French artists in collaboration with the general consulate of France in Canton and the French Institute in Beijing.




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